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Tips to Design Your Home with Kids in Mind

Posted on October 21 2014

Your home is very important to your children since they live there. Many homes are designed for adults but a home that is designed with children in mind can be a happy environment for both kids and adults. I have always heard that a parent can only be as happy as their children. Make your kids happy and you will be too.

Make a space for kids to do crafts. It can be a craft table with shelves to put all their crafty materials on. Then the child can sit down at the table and create anytime they want. And adults can too.

Homework is a big part of growing up so make an area that is quiet where kids can sit and do homework. This could be another table in a quiet spot or another complete room in the house. Many children have a desk in their bedroom that works for a homework station. As long as it is a quiet area of the home it will work.

Entertainment is a big part of a child's life. Make an area where they can watch television and listen to music. I use to be one of those mom's that did not want my kids watching television but I have learned that television can teach children a lot about the world. If you are worried about what they are watching don't let them have cable. Just give them a regular antenna for local stations. There are a lot of great programs to watch that will teach them about life and the commercials are not so offensive on local stations. You can even set up a game playing area with this television set.

Toys are fun and many children would love to have an area just for toys. It can be an entire room or even the basement. My kids loved to ride their scooter in the basement so we made it a rec room complete with pool table, dart board, Lego table and ping pong table.

Dressing up is fun for kids and you can have an area for dressing up in the toy room. Hang up costumes and put up a shelf to place hats and dressing up shoes. Your child can have hours of fun pretending to be anything they want.

A kid friendly home can be fun for the whole family. Enjoy your kids while they are small because the time goes so fast. You will have time to be an adult when the kids are grown up.